VOSS-046 Aya Takashiro My Family’s Been Broke My Whole Life. I Got Nicknamed “The Hobo” in Grade School. Now I’m Attending College On A Scholarship And Working Part Time At A Bakery, But The MILF With Big Tits At The Shop Is Driving Me Wild!

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    I have never bought clothes, I received from the neighbors, I was late for school lunches, it was obvious that there was a night when debt collectors came and I was knocking on the front door … and from small to middle school and everyone Although I was called, I was able to get a scholarship and somehow proceed to university. However, they are forced to live in poverty as ever. Such a fateful encounter with the part-time job of the bakery that I began to want to make even a little money.
    Orignal description: ずっと家が貧乏で小中高とあだ名が『ボンビー』の僕は奨学金で大学に進学。お金を稼ごうと始めたパン屋のバイトでパートの巨乳奥さんに一目惚れ! voss-046 高城彩

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