JUY-187 Maki Tomoda Yuka Oshima A Madonna Double Exclusive A Glamorous Double Bill Harlem Reverse Threesome!! These Two Sister-In-Law Babes Are Fighting Over My Huge Cock

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    Madonna Exclusive Oshima Yuka & Tomoda Maki First co-star Harlem Reverse 3P! ! Saito’s eldest son’s daughter-in-law, Maki, second-in-law’s daughter-in-law, Yuka. It was customary for these two couples to come to their husband’s birthplace where their father-in-law and third son live when the bon vacation takes place. Maki and Yuka, who are not blessed with children, then witnessed a huge third son, Yusuke’s okoko, who can not compare with her husband at the time when she was blooming flowers with her husband’s rough chin story. That night Maki and Yuka who sleeps in the shape of a river with Yusuke, a huge dick does not get out of her head ….
    Orignal description: マドンナW専属 豪華初共演ハーレム逆3P!!僕の巨根を奪い合う二人の兄嫁 juy-187 友田真希 大島優香
    マドンナ専属 大島優香&友田真希 初共演ハーレム逆3P!! 西嶋家の長男の嫁・真希、次男の嫁・優香。この二組の夫婦は、お盆休みになると義父と三男が暮らす夫の生家にやって来るのが恒例となっていた。子宝に恵まれない真希と優香が、夫の粗チン話に花を咲かせていたその時、夫とは比べ物にならない巨大な三男・雄介のアソコを目撃する。その夜、雄介を挟み川の字で眠る真希と優香は、巨大なアソコが頭から離れなくて…。

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